what is quiote?

The state of Jalisco (whose capital city is Guadalajara in Western Mexico) spans through low lands and large mountain ranges until it meets the Pacific Ocean via Tomatlan. The region is the birth place of tequila and mariachi music. The fertile rich soil is the perfect place for Blue Agave plants. The "century plant" as its known (the agave plant), is the soul of Tequila. The heart of the agave plant, or piña, is what the harvester (jimador) removes with a curved tool called a coa to extract the honey water-the nectar of the agave plant. At its peak, the agave plant is ready to advance its legacy. The seed for future plants. Out of this season the most significant stage of its ability to survive is the Quiote. The pinnacle of the agave life is realized with the dominant, beautiful flowering stalk emerging from its core. The Quiote is the viral future for the century plant and ensures by passing its clone along the the legacy of this beautiful and versatile plant is secure. Today we are sharing our culture, heritage and bringing the State of Jalisco, the heart of Tequila to you with Quiote.

Bienvenidos a Tomatlan.


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